Videos of all Kinds Can Be More Popular If They Tell Stories

People may assume that it’s only really possible to tell a story using a video if it’s a long video. However, plenty of extremely short videos can be used to create narratives that new viewers will not easily forget. 

Videos of all Kinds Can Be More Popular If They Tell Stories

Video Narratives

Many people tend to see their lives and the lives of others as narratives. It’s also common for people to see the growth of a business or a different type of organization the same way. Since many people tend to think like that anyway, creating a story out of only a few visual images can be easier than it sounds. It certainly takes some skill, but experienced professionals are capable of making videos like this fairly regularly. 

Artists who have made comics have been able to create visual narratives using only a few panels for a long time. As long as there are clear changes from one panel to another, it’s often possible for a comic to tell a story. Many of the most effective visual narratives will build towards something, and that important moment will occur just before the video or other visual presentation ends. Videos like these will usually be emotionally satisfying to watch.

The viewers who have seen videos like this will feel as if they’ve spent their time wisely. Plenty of the videos from a Denver video production company or many other businesses will be structured that way. 

Interesting Stories

Viewers will sometimes pause a video or stop it altogether if that video doesn’t immediately give them a reason to continue with it. If it’s clear that the first image is essentially the opening scene in a story of some kind, people will be more motivated to finish the full video. Professionals might think that as long as a video is short enough, their viewers will almost always watch all of it. However, people sometimes deliberately click on longer videos online.

Even a video that lasts for less than a minute might seem too long if it seems static in some way. However, if the video is engaging enough, people might not even notice that a minute has fully passed when the video is finished. Video content that is used to successfully tell a story often has that effect.

People want to know what’s about to happen in all stories, so they’ll keep focusing on them. When people are watching or reading content specifically for the information, they might try to skip certain parts and get individual questions answered. These viewers might not approach videos that have narratives in the same way. Audience members will usually pay attention to everything that happens in a video that has a compelling story of any kind, even when that story is presented very subtly. Every image can be important in a video like this, so people frequently won’t try to skip any of them.

None of the scenes in these videos are wasted. Even scenes that have no dialogue can contribute to a story’s overall progression in a video. 

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