The Need for 24 Hour Customer Service is Critical in the 21st Century

The Need for 24 Hour Customer Service is Critical in the 21st Century – Business today is not just about selling and promoting the most effective services and products available in the market. Many small and medium size business people today believe that they need to have proper IT services and infrastructure that may allow them to make the most of the choices they’ve. Some companies feel that managing technology could be confusing at times and also since most customers today make use of technology and gadgets it is very important stay ahead and make certain that every the knowledge is provided to the customers through better professional IT services.

Many business industries such as medical, legal, insurance, telecommunication, real estate, education, logistics, travel, ticket booking, commercial, financial, etc have tons of data stored into hard copies documents. In present scenario, those industries are turning in the direction of digitization. Here the information conversion in market.

One of the more popular studies in this area may be created by a Dutch researcher Geert Hofstede. He describes culture as “a collective programming of mind which distinguishes the members from group or group of people from another”. The social environment influences those self-concept as well as their attitude to risk and uncertain situations. People raised in numerous societies have different attitudes while confronting superiors. This has been referred as Power Distance. In high power distance societies, sub-ordinates accept all of the decisions produced by the superiors and are generally afraid to disagree. In low power distance societies sub-ordinates prefer to be consulted inside decision making. Some researcher measures power distance when it comes to social inequality. Societies form a specific hierarchical structure depending on wealth, intelligence, social status among others. In such societies there exists a high power distance and where individuals are treated equal no matter status and power, you will find there’s low power distance. India includes a high Power Distance.

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The main advantage of these outsourcing companies is in their talent pool. Even if assembling your project is small, and only required a couple of people, if the team encounters a technical challenge, they are able to utilize expertise of other members with the company. In addition, the business would usually assign a team leader to oversee the project, which takes away the hassle of project management. The companies can hit the soil running so any project will start when it’s assigned.

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