At the very least, professional yachts are required to be registered with flag states. A professional yacht’s registration depends not on its permanent place of stay but its type’s nature. An authorized government agency must register professional yachts not exclusively used for private pleasure purposes by national laws. To be eligible for yacht services licensing, you need to meet the requirements below:

Have Certificates of Registry


A Certificate of Registry is an important document that proves a yacht’s registration under a certain flag state. The certificate must be carried on board the vessel and be made available to inspectors upon request. The certificate will list information such as the vessel’s name, official number, port of registry, date of registration, name of the owner(s), description of the vessel, cargo in metric tons, and type of vessel.

Meet Insurance Requirements

Many countries require that yachts be insured before being registered with a maritime authority. The certificate issued by the maritime authority may be conditioned upon proof of insurance. Most insurances must include third-party liability, collision damage waiver coverage for passengers, and cover loss or damages associated with war, strikes, terrorism, piracy, seizure, and repatriation costs in case of serious illness or accident.

Observe Crew Requirements

The number of crew members required to operate Robalo Boats varies depending on the size of the vessel and its sailing range. To be registered in most countries, a yacht must have a captain and a minimum of two officers. The captain must hold a certificate from an accredited maritime training institution. Other crew members have no specific requirements, but they must be qualified to carry out their assigned duties.

Certain documentation will be required to register a yacht with a maritime authority. These include the vessel’s title and registration certificates, insurance policy, flagging license if necessary, and crew certificates for captains and officers. Qualifying for a yacht services license can be a difficult process. All applicants must meet the above requirements to be considered for licensing.

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