How Job Seekers Benefit From Staffing Agencies

Whether you are just starting your job search or you have been looking for a while, you may be considering working with a local staffing agency, such as Boston staffing firms. These firms are liaisons between job seekers and firms that need to fill positions. Although both sides benefit from this relationship, these are the benefits job seekers can experience when they work with staffing agencies.

How Job Seekers Benefit From Staffing Agencies

Streamlines Your Search

Although you may still apply for jobs on your own, a staffing agency will streamline your search. For example, these firms gather all your critical information, including your knowledge, skills and abilities; employment history; education; and desired position and company. Then, they look through their database for positions that meet your qualifications in industries that you are interested in. They can narrow your search significantly, resulting in an easier, quicker job search.


Working with staffing agencies is free. Only employers pay a fee. However, you need to create and provide copies of your resume to the staffing agency, and you should bring copies to every interview. Fortunately, you don’t need to mail copies all over town.


If you have worked with an agency for a while, and meet specific criteria, such as hours worked, you may be provided with added benefits. For example, you may be given health insurance, tuition reimbursement and even a retirement plan. You are also typically paid each week for the work you completed that week or the previous week.

Job Diversity

Staffing firms work with hundreds to thousands of employers. They may specialize in specific industries, but you may be offered many different types of jobs, from short-term to permanent and entry-level to executive positions, within the firms in this industry.

Recruiter Support

Not only do you participate in interviews and receive valuable feedback from your staffing firm recruiter, but you are given detailed guidance about how to build a great resume and act and answer questions during your interviews. Your recruiter also speaks directly with employers about you.

If you are looking for a job, consider working with a staffing firm.

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