5 Reasons to Rent Rig Mats for Oilfield Projects

Although oil is an essential ingredient for how the world operates and how we live our lives, it can be dangerous to the environment if proper precautions are not taken. 

5 Reasons to Rent Rig Mats for Oilfield Projects

One of the essential steps oil companies can take is rig matting. A rig mat is a portable platform designed to act as a physical barrier between oil equipment and the earth below. These mats are worth the investment because they have several benefits to provide to an oil worksite, including:

They create safer work environments

The right mat can help to ensure that your work environment is safe and clean. It helps to reduce slip and fall incidents. In addition, these mats will help to provide your worksite with a solid surface and smooth out the uneven and rough terrain where you typically find yourself working in this industry. 

They can support heavy equipment

Rig mats work below the heaviest of oil rigs. In fact, they are a great solution for creating roads where the road might not otherwise exist, so that you and your team can take your equipment to a job site. And once you are done, these mats are easy to tear down — they are typically notched for easy lifting — and will leave a minimal impact on your worksite. 

They serve as a barrier

Rig mats create a barrier between your oil, the equipment, and whatever is located beneath the mat. This helps to reduce your environmental footprint by protecting what is below the mat and decreasing ground disturbance and preventing soil or weed contamination. It also means that they create minimal surface disruption. 

They help to reduce clean-up time

When you use a rig mat, you are reducing the amount of time it will take to clean up your worksite. 

They are cost-efficient and easy to scale

Rig mats are just another on a long list of oilfield equipment that can be rented. That way you can scale up easily to get the amount of high-quality rig mats you need for a site without having to make a heavy investment. By renting these mats, and other equipment, you will also save on storage needs, and you simply access them when you need them. To learn more about rig mats, and what other oilfield equipment is available for rent, simply search Oilfield Equipment Rentals USA.

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