3 Forms of Advertising

Advertisements are necessary for businesses to attract new customers and often to retain existing customers. Different types of advertising reach different demographics of customers and can greatly vary in cost. Here are three major forms of advertising. 

1. Billboards

3 Forms of Advertising

Billboards are large signs next to busy roadways that anyone driving by can see. Billboards usually contain just a few words and a form of contact information such as a phone number, since anyone reading the sign is likely driving or a passenger in a car and will not be able to see the sign for very long. The sign letters Vancouver WA are usually thick and bold, making them easy to read for passersby. Contrasting colors are another characteristic of billboard layouts, as well as simple designs containing no distractions. Most companies choose billboard advertising when they want to reach as many people as possible, rather than hit a target demographic group. 

2. Magazines

Advertisements in magazines cater to the demographic group most likely to read the magazine. For example, businesses that place advertisements in fashion magazines are probably wanting women of a certain age to see the product or service being advertised, while advertisements in teen magazines are trying to target that younger age group. Magazine advertisements may contain more words and more complicated designs than billboard advertisements. Advertisements for items such as makeup and perfume may even contain a small sample of the product.

3. Television

Television advertisements can be more creative than either billboard or magazine advertisements, and strive to hit the demographic group or groups likely to be watching a certain television program at a certain time of day. Advertisers can even purchase information about which demographic groups are most likely to see the advertisement. 

If you are a company that needs to advertise, consider one of these three methods. 

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