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Workers hail SC decision on Luisita

We welcome the Supreme Court decision on Hacienda Luisita. It is a victory of the farmers of Luisita who have persevered in the struggle for land reform for decades. It is a victory for the Filipino workers and people who have consistently supported the Luisita farmers in their struggle.

We maintain, however, that the distribution of Luisita’s lands to the farmers should be for free. The Aquino-Cojuangcos have raked in so much wealth from the farmers of Luisita that they must not be compensated with the people’s money. They should in fact be punished for failing to subject Luisita to land reform contrary to the conditions of the debt that enabled them to buy the hacienda.

The Aquino government should immediately implement the Supreme Court decision. It is more likely, however, that this government will delay, block or sabotage the implementation of the Supreme Court’s ruling.

We call on the farmers of Luisita and the Filipino people to remain vigilant with regard to how the Aquino government will implement the decision. We will keep watch on this issue until the last parcel of land is distributed free to farmers and until agrarian justice is achieved throughout the country.

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Elmer “Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson
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