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President sitting on the job responsible for rise in unemployment

Labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno condemned the Aquino government for the massive 1.4 million rise in adult unemployment in just four months as revealed in the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, saying the survey highlighted the president’s lack of a comprehensive employment policy while implementing anti-worker and anti-people policies.

The latest SWS survey conducted on March 4-7 revealed that unemployment rose to 27.2 percent (11.3 million) in March this year from 23.5 percent (9.9 million) in November 2010.

“We condemn this President who just sits on the job and enjoys riding his Porsche, playing the PSP, collecting guns and dating women while millions of Filipinos are losing jobs and add to the already huge ranks of hungry stomachs. He is living the rich bachelor’s life while allowing big foreign and local capitalists attack employment opportunities in the country,” said Roger Soluta, KMU secretary-general.

“This president not only refused to implement a significant wage hike to give immediate relief to the Filipino workers and people amidst skyrocketing prices, he is proving unable to provide decent employment to Filipinos. All he has, judging from his government policies, are employment opportunities in the government’s infrastructure programs,” Soluta added.

KMU also said the survey highlighted the sorry state of employment in the country, revealing that the unemployed consisted of 10 percent who resigned or voluntarily left their jobs while nine percent were retrenched, seven percent of which consists of those whose previous contracts were not renewed.

“Despite the widespread lack of job opportunities, workers were leaving their work which means there is a widespread discontent over existing employment opportunities in the country – in particular, starvation wages that do not match with the heavy burden of work that they carry,” Soluta said.

“Besides promoting low wages, the Aquino government systematically attacks workers’ job security and trade-union rights by promoting contractualization to satisfy big foreign and local capitalists’ greed for huge profits. Contractualization is a bane not only to individual workers but to the Filipino workforce as a whole,” Soluta added.

“If Pres. Aquino continues to play deaf towards workers’ and people’s calls for stable and decent employment, while conniving with big foreign and local capitalists in exploiting the people, the Filipino workers and people will sooner or later call for his removal from his present job,” Soluta concluded.

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Roger Soluta, KMU secretary-general
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