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KMU enjoins more to issue statements vs ‘Luisita scam’, partake in nat’l day of outrage

Kilusang Mayo Uno vowed today to mobilize for the “national day of outrage” against the Luisita bogus deal and referendum on Aug.18, as it enjoined more personalities to speak up against the said scam.

The national day of outrage will coincide with the Supreme Court’s hearing on the Luisita farmers’ appeal to revoke its earlier decision halting the distribution of lands in the 6,453-hectare plantation.

“We welcome the recent statements by CBCP Social Action head Bishop Broderick Pabillo and former Comelec chair Christian Monsod questioning the sham deal made by the Aquinos and Cojuangcos in Luisita. We enjoin more personalities to speak up and side with Luisita farmers on this issue,” said KMU executive vice-chairperson Lito Ustarez.

“It is important that personalities – politicians and other opinion-makers – who care for farmers and social justice speak up and take the side of genuine land reform. The spectacle in Luisita is there for everyone to see and judge. The Aquinos and Cojuangcos are acting like nobody can stop them from denying land to farmers and nobody can shame them for trying to deceive the public ,” Ustarez said.

“What happened in Luisita was a carefully-planned, if badly-executed, devious scheme that is meant to sell the bogus deal and referendum as the ‘true story,’ while typecasting those who question these as mere ‘factions’ or ‘some dissenters.’

“This is a historic moment, where we are witnessing a great betrayal and a land-grabbing scam.History will judge those who will truly side with the Luisita farmers and those who will defend the Aquino-Cojuangco’s scheme. People who would like to be remembered favorably in history should never cower from speaking up for the farmers’ right to own the lands,” Ustarez added.

Reference Person: 
Joselito "Lito" Ustarez, KMU executive vice chairperson
Contact information: 
0908-649-1992 / 0919-416-3451

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