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oil overpricing

[Preparing for Protestang Bayan] Workers, urban poor stage noise barrage vs. oil overpricing

Workers and urban poor led by labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno staged noise barrage protests today in various parts of Metro Manila to condemn the recent wave of oil price hikes and drum up support for the March 15 People’s Protest vs. Overpricing.

[Amidst new price hikes] Workers renew call for nationwide protests vs. oil overpricing

Amidst another round of oil price hikes, labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno reiterated its call for a nationwide protest this March 15 against the overpricing of petroleum products by the Big 3 oil companies, saying the Big 3 is exploiting price movements in the world market to boost their profits.

KMU calls for nationwide protest vs. oil overpricing

Responding to the four rounds of oil price hikes this year, labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno today called for a nationwide protest against oil overpricing in the coming weeks, saying the Aquino government should respond to the people’s demand for an immediate relief from the skyrocketting prices of petroleum products.

Workers slam huge oil price hike, press for wage hike

“The Aquino government is keeping its hands tied helpless against oil price hikes.”

Workers launch community protests vs. oil overpricing

Workers and urban poor lauched community protests today in Manila, Pasig and Marikina to condemn the Big 3’s overpricing of petroleum products, demanding that the Aquino government order a P9.00 rollback in the per liter prices of oil.